Reading through the Classics-Charlotte's Web/Some Pig Giveaway!

Introducing my newest product and my very first follower giveaway! 

I wanted my mod/severe students to be exposed to classic age-appropriate literature while still receiving instruction that is at their academic level (letter and number recognition, sight word practice, and etc) and that is beneficial for their daily lives (ways to travel, color identification, writing letters, etc.) That is what inspired my “Reading through the Classics” series!
My very first "Reading through the Classics" item is my Charlotte's Web & Some Pig! (both by E.B. White) Unit! 

The unit contains: 
Animal Vocabulary Cards: These can be used as simple flash cards or can be used on your “Reading through the Classics Bulletin Board.” 
-Character Cards: In hopes of abiding by copyright and trademark laws, I did not include any character names in this product. I left a set of cards blank just in case you would like to write the character names in.
 -“Be a Detective” Pages: These teach your students the basics of researching and looking in their books for the answer! They find the picture or the word in their book. Pages 9-10 can be done independently, pages 11-12 are meant to be used in a small group or one-on-one (laminate the pages for continual use), page 13-laminate the pages and have the students actually velcro the pictures in the book as they find them. 
-“Be an Illustrator” Pages: Some of my students have a difficult time associating words to pictures. These pages challenge my students to draw the word or to simply draw the picture shown. 
-Vocabulary Matching Worksheets: Students match the vocabulary word to the picture or matching the picture to the picture. There is a black and white copy for take home and a colored copy that you can laminate or place in a page protector for continued use. 
-Spelling Practice: Students practice tracing, writing, cutting, and gluing the vocabulary words in the correct order. 
-Reading Comprehension: There are several different sheets for a variety of different academic levels.
-Take Home Counting Book: Students practice counting the different animals/characters from the book.
- “Count the Characters” Pages: Simple worksheets that encourage the students to count the animals/characters and write the number. 
-Name the Shape Pages: Students are challenged to identify the shape that the animal is in. 
-File Folder Activities 

If you would like enter my giveaway for a chance to win this product please like my TPT store here and then comment below or on facebook here with your email address. This giveaway will be running through the evening of May 1, 2014. 

New Beginnings!

Welcome to my blog! I am a BRAND NEW special education new that I haven't even started teaching yet. My job does not start until the fall (I was lucky enough to get a job offer and sign a contract in January right after completing my moderate to severe credential and student teaching.) I am currently substitute teaching and planning and brainstorming and creating products for my future kiddos. My classroom will be a 3rd-5th moderate to severe classroom. 

I recently created a Special Education Unit Overview. You can find the plan here. I plan on using the overview as a guide to my planning for the 2014-2015 school year. I wanted to simply take the time to explain a bit about my plan. 

The first two pages of the plan contain the unit overview. I wanted my students to be exposed to classic age-appropriate literature. I want someone to walk into my classroom and be able to know that it is a 3rd-5th grade classroom-not a pre-k or kindergarten even though my students might be performing at that level. We will be studying Charlotte's Web, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rides Again, Little Red Riding Hood, The Secret Garden, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With that said, I will have to find or create adapted versions of each book in order for them to be appropriate for my students. Besides being exposed to classic literature, I have included unit topics that are applicable to everyday living. For example, my first unit is centered around colors and my second unit is centered around farm animals. I want the things taught and learned in my classroom to applicable to day to day living. 

The next section of the unit overview contains standards sheets. Standards for students with moderate to severe disabilities? Yes! National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) has modified the Common Core State Standards for students with significant disabilities. They are called CORE CONTENT CONNECTORS. The standards sheets reference the CORE CONTENT CONNECTORS. 

You can find out more about the work that NCSC is doing (and the states that are partnering with them) here and y
ou can find the CORE CONTENT CONNECTORS here

NOTE: I updated it on 7/6/15 so it looks a bit different than what you see here, but the basics are the same!
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