February Fun!

My February unit is officially uploaded onto my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. 

It is jammed packed with various ELA and math activities that my kiddos LOVE doing! Here is a glimpse of what is included in the product.

Thematic Vocabulary Cards

The vocabulary words included are:
1. Heart
2. Valentine
3. Cupid
4. Cookie
5. Chocolate
6. Roses
7. President
8. White House
9. Flag
10. United States 

February "I see" Book
Have students read the sentence, find the matching picture, and glue it in the box. They can color their book when they are finished. 

"I see" Sentence Building Worksheets

Letter Matching Sheets
Laminate, place on a cookie sheet, and have students match the "heart letter" with a magnetic letter.

Counting Sheets
Laminate or place in a sheet protector and have students place buttons or candy on the white hearts while they practice counting. 

Touch Math Sheets

Laminate, add velcro to the circles, and then have the students practice sticking on heart and flags as they count. 

Touch Math February Book

 Number Matching Sheets

Visual Addition Worksheets

File Folder Activities

You can purchase the unit here. 


Delightfully Dedicated's Story

I just got my blog re-vamped by the amazing Lauren at www.teachpraylovedesigns.com. She is absolutely amazing to work with. 

With the redesign, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce all of you to who I am and to why I do what I do. I am a first year special education teacher, friend, lover of Jesus, daughter, and big sister. I teach a 3rd-5th grade moderate to severe special education class. We call our program FAST-Functional Academics Skills Training. I often tell people that the "disability community" is my reality. What some people have to learn to understand and accept is what I have known my whole life. I feel like I have been in the "field" for over 21 years. How is that possible when you are so young?! When I was two year old my brother was born with Down syndrome. Since then he has been diagnosed with autism as well. He has given me a great passion and love for special kids and adults. As my brother participated in recreational activities, events, and field trips I also participated in them, volunteering to assist other children and adults with special needs as much as possible and building relationships with them and their families. When my parents flew across the country to visit the best doctor that specializes in the dual-diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism, of course, I was right there with them. The more I work with children and adults with disabilities, the more I am assured that I want to dedicate the rest of my life to educating and caring for them. I understand the impact that a caring and knowledgeable teacher can have on the entire family. I made this blog to share my ramblings, realizations, and ideas about teaching students with moderate to severe disabilities. I know this year is going to be crazy, amazing, and absolutely humbling. I'm excited to share my delightful adventures with all of you! :)
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