Spring ELA "I see" Unit Just Posted

I just created a new product that I am so excited to use in my own classroom. For those of you that purchased my February Unit, this is very similar except it only includes the ELA section.

We have been practice "I see" sentences and reading "I see" books. My students have been "rocking it." I am one proud teacher. I made this product to expose them to new vocabulary and to help them become confident in their reading abilities.

What's included?

Vocabulary Cards

Spring "I see" Adapted Book
This is perfect for whole group or for your ELA center. It helps the students become familiar with the vocabulary. 

Student "I see" Take-Home Book
Once the students are familiar with the vocabulary, they can begin their own "I see" books. The students cut out the pictures, read the sentence, and then glue the correct picture in the box. When they are done, they can color and take it home to read with their family. 

10 Sentence Building Worksheets 



You can purchase this product at my TPT store here. 


Letter Identification and Sorting ALL IN ONE!

I am currently clearing my credential. I am going through an induction program instead of going through a university. That means I have a mentor, I do reflections, I have meetings, and I get OBSERVED (and I thought student teacher was over!). I was observed on Monday and threw together a lesson late Sunday night focused on letter identification (and sorting) and it went surprisingly really well.

First, I introduced our letter of the week, Q. Then we did an activity on the iPad using Boardmaker Online. (I recently bought an subscription. It is $20 a month and totally worth it! It does so much and really engages the students in almost any activity you can imagine...or create.) After our technology fun, we dove into our pocket chart activity. Lastly, the students completed their own sorting worksheets.

Pocket Chart Sorting

 Individual Sorting Worksheet

You can download this activity here. It is valentine's day themed and FREE! 

It worked so well for my students that I created an A-Z sorting letters packet! It's over 100 pages and includes pocket chart visuals, worksheets, and cute A-Z clip art so student's can practice their initial sounds. You can purchase the A-Z pack here.


FIRST THEN container!

I found these awesome food storage containers at IKEA for $2.99 and knew exactly what I wanted to use them for....m&ms and goldfish crackers, of course! They are a favorite treat for two of my most stubborn students. Luckily, we have found that using m&ms and goldfish at special points during the day (like when coming into the class, going to the bathroom, or during work stations) can be a very powerful reinfocrer. I added some visuals and we have an interactive "FIRST THEN" container! I'm obsessed.

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