Dare to Dream TPT Seller Challenge Week 2

As I mentioned last week, I have joined hundreds of other teachers in the TPT Seller Challenge. This week's challenge is to think and write about your dreams for your Teachers Pay Teachers store. At this point, my store is not a huge source of income, but I do make some extra spending money. The money is a nice perk, but the best part of creating products is the collaboration that occurs between teachers. I have gained so many new friends through TPT and blogging. I truly have learned so much. I would love to continue creating quality products, collaborating with teachers, and making money through TPT  over the next few years.

Create Quality Products
Special education teachers have a limited amount of supplies and resources for their special kiddos. I want to continue creating products that are applicable to students with special needs.

Collaborate with Other Teachers
Teachers Pay Teachers is a fun way to connect with other teachers and product creators. I want to continue to connect with new and seasoned teachers, learn from their experiences, and utilize their unique products in my classroom.

Make Some Money
I hope that I can use the money that I make through TPT to...
1. Have extra spending money to buy "extra" supplies for my classroom, such as ink, lamination paper, colorful paper, cardstock, and other fun goodies as needed without having to worry about making end meet.
2. Pay for graduate school! I just started classes for my Masters in Special Education. I hope that I can use some of the money that I make for my tuition.
3. Buy a new car!

I hope to set some specific and measurable goals over the next couple of days for product creation and blogging and social media. I want to be more consistent in the next school year!

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  1. Great dreams! Congrats on starting graduate school!


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