Summer Blog Link-Up Week 4: Cool Communication

I apologize for how late this post is. I wanted to wait until the Special Education Back to School Blog Hop/Giveaway was over before beginning week 4 of my blog link-up!

I absolutely LOVED reading about your scheduling systems. There were so many wonderful ideas for organization. I plan on posting all about my scheduling system in a few weeks. I still am figuring out a few details.

Here are the links to my previous link-ups just in case you want to read about the topics that we have explored!

And now for WEEK 4! Week 4 is all about communication! When I think about communication, I think about 1) parent communication 2) student communication & AAC/AT and 3) paraprofessional communication. Feel free to write about all, just two, or just one of the topics above. I am going to be focusing on parent communication.

I have been blessed to have very positive interactions with parents over the past year. I communicate with parents in a variety of ways, depending on the parent and the student.

1. COMPOSITION BOOKS: All of my students have a composition book that goes home each night and comes back to school each morning. My parents and I can write notes to each other as needed and everything stays neat and in one spot. No floating/loose letters. This year I will be using binders instead of composition books, but the theory is still the same. I will number lined paper and place it in the binder.

2. EMAIL: Some parents would prefer to email me than take the time to handwrite a note in their child's composition book. I always make sure to take the time to check my email when I arrive at school in the morning and after school right before I leave for the day.

3. PHONE: I call parents if I feel like a situation calls for it....good or bad! I try not to only call home for bad things. I try to call parents at least every quarter simply to touch base and let them know how their child ia doing. This is in addition to progress reports, IEPs, and parent-teacher conferences.

4. REMIND: I absolutely LOVE using the remind application to communicate with parents. Now remind has the ability to chat with parents one-to-one. You can even send pictures. I love that I can send text messages to parents from my phone or my computer. Learn more about remind here. 

5. WEEKLY COMMUNICATION LOGS: I send home communication logs that track each child's prompting levels for various aspects of their day during the entire week every Friday. I ask that parents sign and return the logs by the Wednesday of the following week. If they do not return the logs after a month of me sending them home, then I stop sending them home. I also send home logs that track behavior and correlate to my in-class clip-chart. This Visual Clip-chart product (with behavior log) is only $1 in my store!

6. YEARLY IEP COMMUNICATION: I send home IEP invites at least 2 weeks in advance. Once the date is set and the parent has committed to the date, I send home my IEP PARENT INPUT FORM and ask that parents fill it out and return at their earliest convenicence. I use their input to create goals. I then send home the draft goals (via hard copy or email) that I wrote based on their input and ask for feedback. I make whatever changes are necessary and present the revised draft goals at the IEP. I have found that this is an effective method of pre-IEP communication for most parents. This form is FREE in my store!

How do you communicate with parents? How do you communicate with your students? How do you communication with your paraprofessionals? Link-up with your blog posts! I cannot wait to read!


  1. Such great ideas!! I definitely want to check into the Remind app! I think that would be a great way to communicate with parents. :)

  2. I love your IEP input form! I haven't had time to make one of my own, so this will definitely come in handy this year!

    Kristin Parker
    The Write Combo


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